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The Alabama Head Start Association, through strong leadership, advocacy, training and
professional development supports local Head Start/Early Head Start programs and
their partners in the delivery of quality comprehensive services to enrolled children and families.


The Alabama Head Start Association is a unified voice striving to represent early 
education and advocacy for all low-income children and families in Alabama.



Alabama Head Start Profile
Alabama Head Start Profile

Head Start’s Accessibility and Reach in Alabama:

Funding $143,506,782 FY18 Funding (excluding Migrant & Seasonal)

Head Start Jobs 4,176

Funded Head Start (HS) Slots 32% of eligible children ages 3 - 5 had access to HS - 12,545

Funded Early Head Start (EHS) Slots 9% of eligible children under 3 had access to EHS - 2,580

Funded Migrant / Seasonal (M/S) Slots - 249

Comprehensive Services 534 fathers participated in program governance; 654 parents received job training; 40,044 home visits were conducted; 588 children received a behavioral health treatment plan




Searcy Rushing, President
Dothan, AL

Kelly Mumper, Vice President
Talladega, AL

Patricia Stiles, Secretary
Selma, AL

Tristicia Cowser, Assistant Secretary
Southside, AL

Janet Buckley, Treasurer
Mobile, AL

Alexis Wilson, Parliamentarian
Tuscaloosa, AL

Samita Jeter, Historian
Hayneville, AL