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What is Head Start?
What is Head Start?

Head Start and Early Head Start are federally funded, child and family development programs that promote school readiness and provides comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parental engagement services to economically challenged children and their families. Head Start serves children ages 3 and 4. Early Head Start serves pregnant women, infants and toddlers starting at age 6 weeks. In addition, Migrant and Seasonal programs provide specific services to children whose families are engaged in agricultural labor. MSHS programs work with both migrant farmworker families, who migrate to a number of geographic locations annually, and with seasonal farmworker families who are permanently settled in their communities but continue to do agricultural work. MSHS programs have served children from birth to age 5 since its inception in 1967.

How Do I Enroll My Child?
How Do I Enroll My Child?

To apply for Head Start and Early Head Start, contact the program serving your community. Your local program will provide the required forms and answer your questions. They will also tell you what documents you should bring with you to apply.

Click the link below to find the nearest Head Start or Early Head Start Center near you.

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